14/11/2012 – Kyoob Space provide portable buildings which can be used as a portable workspace or temporary dwelling.

Portable buildings are simply buildings that have been designed and manufactured in such a way that they can be moved from place to place.

The Portable buildings offered by Kyoob Space can be used for a range of things from providing a temporary shelter or storage area to serving as a temporary office building for expanding or unstable companies.

The most popular portable buildings today are modular buildings. Unlike other portable buildings such as trailers, modular buildings are solid structures that do not have any wheels. They simply stand on the ground and look no different from your average building.

Kyoob Space offers a great range of modular buildings which are constructed from rigid steel or concrete, to ensure that they are extremely durable. Kyoob Space will do its best to construct modular buildings which suit its client’s needs perfectly.

The company claim that their range of portable buildings is probably the best in the UK. They say that their modules are easy to keep clean, durable, and seamless, as well as, look fantastic and provide a uniform appearance.

Customers who are looking for portable buildings to meet their needs will find that they can rent portable buildings from Kyoob Space at very competitive prices. The company also offers a small range of buildings for sale, for those who require their buildings on a more permanent basis and this option offers great value for long-term users of portable buildings.

About Kyoob Space:

Koob Space was established in 2003. They specialize in the design, manufacture, and supply of modular buildings and portable accommodations.

The company is a fast-growing one that prides itself on providing products of the highest quality at very competitive prices. They develop their portable buildings with the needs of their customers in mind and, as a result, they have produced some of the most practical and highly sought-after portable buildings available in the UK.


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