Milton Keynes, United Kingdom (9th August 2013) – Storage equipment specialist Action Storage will be showcasing its innovative and hardwearing eXtreme Plastic Lockers® at the Offshore Europe Show (3rd-6th September). Tough, durable, and corrosion resistant, the eXtreme Plastic Lockers® offer many unique benefits which will make them of interest to the 48,000 attendees at the leading oil and gas technical conference and exhibition.

Oil rigs and gas drilling platforms pose an exceptionally tough environment for storage lockers. Along with the wear and tear of life in the open sea, lockers need to be water-resistant,  non-corroding, and long-lasting. This clearly poses a problem for conventional metal lockers.  Action Storage’s eXtreme Plastic Lockers®, however, are made from polyethylene plastic, offering many unique advantages. Firstly, they won’t rust or corrode no matter how much sea spray, oil, or damp uniforms they are exposed to. Secondly, the eXtreme Plastic Lockers® can be spray cleaned with a high-pressure hose and left to dry, offering a higher level of hygiene and cleanliness compared to metal lockers.

Along with being rust-proof and non-corroding, the eXtreme Plastic Lockers® are exceptionally hard-wearing, and the doors can resist break-in attempts with a clawhammer. Conventional metal lockers, on the other hand, may become dented and the doors jammed, making them unusable and needing to be replaced.

Along with eXtreme Plastic Lockers®, Action Storage supplies a range of Atlas® Steel Lockers which are also suitable for use in the oil and gas industry. These present a hard-wearing yet cost-effective option for storing uniforms, equipment, and personal possessions onboard oil rigs and gas platforms. The lockers are covered with an anti-bacterial coating for high levels of hygiene. In addition, should the doors become dented they can be replaced without having to replace the entire locker?

Action Storage will be showcasing its eXtreme Plastic Lockers® and Atlas® Steel Lockers at stand 4A164. The unique benefits of the eXtreme® Plastic Locker, in particular, mean that it’s expected to generate a lot of interest among attendees at the Offshore Europe Show.

Details of the eXtreme Plastic Lockers®, the Atlas® Lockers, and the 4000 other products in Action Storage’s range can be found on its website, where you can order its 226-page catalog free of charge.  All public sector organizations can place orders on credit with a valid purchase order.

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