England – 21/12/2011Accountants for contractors see enquires for their services rise

Accountants for contractors were bracing themselves for a decline in business as a result of the recession. However, to date, the opposite has happened. Exactly why this is not 100% clear, but it seems that more people have set themselves up as self-employed contractors in order to increase their chances of finding work. They are still searching for regular jobs, but at the same time are bidding for short term contract work in an effort to bridge the gap between jobs.

On the other hand, some business has been lost by these specialist accountants as some of their existing clients have lost their main contracts and decided that they need to cut back on overheads. This has led some to cancel their accountants and to withdraw from the umbrella companies many of those accountants run for their contractors and freelancers.

Accountants for Contractors Are Diversifying

In response to the recession accountants for contracts are changing the way they work. They are looking to streamline their processes in order to offer their existing contactors and freelancers a slicker service. By simplifying what they do, looking for ways to speed up or eliminate mundane tasks they have been able to offer their services at a stable price. In some cases, they have even been able to reduce the cost of their services, which has provided their existing clients with much needed financial relief. Plus, of course, this has made them far more attractive to new contractors and freelancers that are entering the market.

In addition, they have reviewed the advice they give to make it more relevant to the current economic climate. Helping their contractors to market themselves more effectively in an environment were having access to flexible workers is vital for more and more firms.

For established firms like Beever and Struthers these are challenging, but very interesting times. They have been accountants for contractors, freelancers and other self employed workers for over a hundred years now, so have seen it all. However, even they have been surprised by the change in the kinds of people becoming contractors.


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