Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom (15 October 2010) – 5G Communications, a leading telecommunications service, are offering advice to those looking to choose telephone headsets for their daily business operations.

The days of the standard telephone handset being a cornerstone in every office on the planet are few and far between as technology advances. More businesses are choosing to go wireless through headsets or contemplate another form of communication that helps them perform better in their business habitat.

There are many considerations to make before a purchase is made, such as the business environment itself. A quieter office will be fine with a voice tube model, whereas louder areas such as sales floors may need headsets that include noise-canceling features. Even the cheapest model will offer hands-free capabilities, however, cheaper kits may not be compatible with certain business phone systems and won’t be entirely wireless. It may have to plug directly into the phone itself.

It’s also worth taking comfort into account. There are two predominant styles on the market today, namely over-the-head headsets and over-the-ear models. Again, this is personal and more for aesthetic consideration – an over-the-ear model may interfere with glasses, for instance.

Though most headsets will allow volume control, there will be some businesses where external noise interference will be a constant problem. There are available on the market called ‘binaural headsets’, which can block out external interference allowing the operator to focus entirely on the call at hand. For those looking for the ultimate in comfort, newer headsets called convertible headsets are available that help the user to find the most comfortable fit possible through a range of different attachment options.

Finally, those looking for headsets should also select an appropriate, knowledgeable vendor who can advise them what headset would be best suited for their business telecommunications operations, and who can offer them the best deal possible.

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5G Communications started trading in 1998 under the name Universal Telecom Ltd., offering calls at competitive rates to the SME market. Rapid growth over the last decade has seen the company expand to become 5G Communications, a leading UK supplier of business broadband and mobile solutions through high-quality call and line services. Offering competitive airtime call rates, they also offer low tariffs for Analogue, ISDN2, and ISDN30 lines and services, including installation of new lines when required.


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